Getting back to it…

So, it’s been just over two months since I published “An Adult-ish Toolkit“; my third project on Amazon, and my second piece to be available as a physical book that I could actually hold in my hands. It took me five months to write it, and I learned a lot about writing and about myself as a writer in that process. I’m insanely proud of the product that I produced; and the fact that I did it all myself (with the amazing support of my family and friends), along with the reactions I’ve gotten from the handful of people who have actually read it, has been incredibly validating.

But now, over two months since hitting that “Publish” button, the euphoria of finishing a project has passed and it’s time to get back to work. And it is HARD.

While working on a non-fiction book, I kept saying that I couldn’t wait to get back to writing fiction. Now that I am working on my fiction novel again I wonder what I was ever thinking. But the truth is that the writing process is not easy, no matter what.

It’s hard to carve out the time, it’s hard to focus when it seems like there are so many other things that need my attention, it’s hard to stare at a blank screen and believe that somehow I will be able to fill it with words that actually have meaning.

But writing isn’t really a choice, at least not for me. It’s more like a compulsion. I start to get ornery and miserable if I don’t get my fix.

I’m slowly finding my rhythm again with this novel, getting to know my characters, exploring my setting, discovering what’s really important. I’ve had this story in progress for about two years now, but it’s revealing itself now in ways that I hadn’t even contemplated before. And that’s the crazy thing about books and stories: sometimes you just aren’t ready to tell them yet. I certainly couldn’t have written “An Adult-ish Toolkit” before I turned 30, because so many things that I write about in it I have only figure out in the last year. Some things I really only learned AS I was writing the book. And now I am curious to see what I will learn while writing this next book.

But I suppose the key is to actually sit down and write it.

Be sure to check out “An Adult-ish Toolkit: 30 Things I Have Learned in 30 Years” on Amazon! Available in paperback and Kindle.

“A thoughtful guide for those who want to live fully and with intention. This book does not claim to be a self-help book nor does it make lofty claims of healing. It is simply one woman’s experience with becoming an adult and the insight she learned along the way.” -Amazon Review

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  1. lindsy says:

    Way to get back to it.

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