A Note From the Trenches

I’m about three months in, working on my next book. This feels like a very long time and like I should have had a final draft weeks ago, but intellectually I also know that this is a pretty reasonable (if not rushed) time-frame for writing a full-length book. I’ve already far exceeded the word count of my previous projects, and I feel really good about what I have produced so far.

So, why do I feel this constant sense of failure that I am not producing MORE and FASTER?

Probably because I often set myself very unrealistic goals when it comes to my writing. And probably because I read too much about the work of Hugh Howey and how he can knock out a story during NaNoWriMo and have it edited and published well before the end of December. Hugh Howey is an amazing writer, and something of a machine when it comes to turning out work, and it has taken me a long time to convince myself NOT to hold myself to his standard.

It’s important to push ourselves, to challenge ourselves, to set goals that seem impossible just to see if maybe they aren’t as impossible as we thought. But I’m also learning that sometimes it’s important to also cut ourselves some slack.

I’ve set myself numerous goals and deadlines of when I was going to finish this book, and I’ve already blown past several of them, but I am learning that this is somewhat of an injustice to what I feel is a very important project. I shouldn’t be rushing through to get something finished just so that I can have another publication under my belt. I need to give my words time to breathe, to grow, to say all that they need to say.

I’ll probably continue to set myself ridiculously optimistic goals, but I am also learning to just accept that as how I motivate myself. Shoot for the moon, and all that jazz.


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  1. Luke says:

    I’m excited to read this one when it’s finished. Keep writing! :p

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