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The term “adult” is a nebulous word that most of us aspire to, and yet feel like frauds when we try to claim it. The truth is, even adults don’t have a clue what we are doing most of the time, and that’s okay! With heartfelt honesty and wit, Kathryn Evans shares thirty pieces of wisdom about how to successfully “adult” in the modern world, which she has learned over the three decades that she has lived in it. Chapters include:

It’s Okay to Love Your Body
Romantic Love is Not the Only Type of Love
Eat a Snack
Celebrate Birthdays

Plus 26 more!

This is a book for the new generation; for the rootless, the overwhelmed, and the bewildered. For all those who were tossed out into the world without any instructions on how to function in it.




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Kathryn Evans

 Throughout human history, cultures all over the world have told stories. Stories of magic, of faith, of courage, of love. Stories that are cautionary tales, or stories that are meant to inspire and exult. Storytellers have sat around fires with the sky above them, and they performed in the halls of kings and queens.

Today, our stories can be found not only in books but in movies and song lyrics. Stories are what happen when groups of people get together and talk about their lives. Stories are all around us, every minute of every day.


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